Portal to the Other Realms


Multimedia performance at Bärenzwinger, Berlin

In the middle of the blue room, surrounded by heavy velour-curtain, stands an egg-shaped black mirror. This is the Portal to the Other Realms. On its’ surface you can see floating artefacts from the past; instruments to predict the future, currencies or economic symbols.


The Portal is a tool to travel in time and see the concept of ‘value’ from different perspectives- either through the history of the ultramarine pigment or by watching a livestream of an hamster trading crypto-currency. The Portal is guarded and operated by two ‘Angels-of-Sweet-Deals’- businesswomen with extremely long braids and nails, who have been there long time before Wall Street was invented. They are going to tell you stories from world of economic-shamanism, based on choices and transactions you’ll make. But be aware: a choice can’t be undone and a story can never be told twice. 


‘Portal to the Other Realms’ is a multimedia performance, where the audience can decide about the narratives they’re going to hear. They do so by choosing one of the five artefacts (Obsidian, Oracle Bone, Silver Debt Note, Ultramarine Pigment, Porcelain Coins). Each of the artefact activates different plot displayed on the portal and narrated by the ‘Angels-of-Sweet-Deals’. 



‘Portal to the Other Realms’ is a continuation of the work ‘Divine Interventions <–> Force Majeure’ – an ongoing series exploring the idea of economic shamanism and how the business of future forecasting evolved from esoteric and ritualistic believes into a corporate industry. 

Part of ‘Deep States’ exhibition
curated by Maja Smoszna
Angels-of-Sweet-Deals: Rosanna Graf, Maryna Makarenko, Gosia Lehmann
3D renders: Chen Hsiangfu
Production Assistance: Valerian Blos
Photo credits: Antonio Castles


'Portal to the Other Realms', multimedia performance, ca. 30 min, Bärenzwinger, Berlin documentation image (Antonio Castles)