Gosia Lehmann is an artist in transit. Traversing between the disciplines, she observes the construction of the narratives that rule our society. Back from her voyages, Gosia Lehmann creates multi-media spaces, shining a spotlight on current themes and phenomena from the continuous emergence of reality. Her practice reflects the present times; dominated by technology and governed by data, where the boundaries between truth and fiction are blurry. She works with film, performance and scenography. 

In 2019 Gosia Lehmann initiated and co-founded Lagoon Parliament – an artist alliance challenging hierarchical conventions  – providing an independent framework for art productions. 









2017-2019 Absolvent in Art and Media, UdK, Berlin
2012-2017 BA Visual Communication, New Media, UdK, Berlin
2016 Exchange, TAMA Art University, Tokyo
2012 Foundation Degree in Art and Design at Central Saint Martins, London




2021 Special Mention, Allegro Art Prize 2021
2021 Initial Research Grant, Akademie der Künste, Berlin
2021 Long listed for ars viva Award 2022
2020 Goldrausch Künstlerinnen Projekt, Berlin
2019 Japan Travel Grant, Instytut A. Mickiewicza, PL
2019 Creative Prototyping Scholarship, UdK
2018 DAAD Graduation Grant


Selected Exhibitions


2021 Portal to the Other Realms, multi-media performance, Bärenzwinger, Berlin

2021 deep states, curated by Maja Smoszna, Bärenzwinger, Berlin

2021 Grünes Labor, installation, Klassik Stiftung, Weimar
2020 Sirene – Goldrausch 2020, Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin (c)
2019 Falling Upwards, Lagoon Parliament, 2OG Alte Münze, Berlin
2019 Departure, Arrival, Return, Lagoon Parliament, transmediale Vorspiel, Kunsthaus KuLe, Berlin
2019 ErbUndGut, Naturkunde Museum, Berlin
2018 Face to Surface, co-curation, Medienhaus, Berlin
2017 Greetings from Qatar, Medienhaus, Berlin
2017 Impossible Archive, av performance, Medienhaus, Berlin
2016 Exp. av performance, curated by Space/Time, Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin
2016 Living Objects, TAMA Art University, Tokyo
2015 Walking Distance, screening curated by Peter Cusack, Ausland, Berlin
2015 Break 15 min, part of Reality Vertigo, Akademie der Künste, Berlin
2015 Tristes Tropiques, av performance Madame Claude, Berlin
2015 Tristes Tropiques, av performance Quiet Cue, Berlin


Selected Workshops and Talks

2021 Data Oddities, seminar, Visuelle Kommunikation, University of Arts, Berlin
2020 Made in China, seminar, University of Arts, Berlin
2019 Talking Future, artist talk, Gallery Futura Alpha-Nova, Berlin
2019 Good Design Week, workshop, Musaschino Art University, Tokyo
2018 Non-human Congress,University of Arts, Berlin
2018 Power Station, Futurium, Berlin
2016 Living Objects, workshop, designtransfer, Berlin
2016 Living Objects, workshop, TAMA Art University, Tokyo
2015 Bio-Art Introduction Talk, Metaphorest, Tokyo
2014 Madness of Archiving, artist talk, Pixelache Festival, Helsinki




2020 Divine Interventions/Force Majeure, catalogue in conjunction with the exhibition Sirene – Goldrausch 2020



2021 Mustarinda, artist residency, Finland (upcoming)