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transmedialeVorspiel, Kunsthaus Kule, Berlin

72h live program, including 8h long sleepover sound-event, screenings, workshop and performances.

For the launch event of Lagoon Parliament, Kunsthaus KuLe, which was originally an artist-squat on Auguststr. in Berlin, was turned for 72h into fictive travel agency. Playing with alternate concepts of time and metaphorical ideas around place and placeless-ness, the live program was compiled to discuss the means of tourism, duty & duty-free, travelling and its social, technological, environmental but most of all emotional aspect. The program included eight-hour-long sleepover event, simulating long distance flight, with guest artists from Berlin’s music scene. 




Produced with Lagoon Parliament


Concept, Curation: Gosia Lehmann


Guest Artists: Dovile Aleksaite, Mattin, Bruno Siegrist


Sleep-over performances: Lukas Grundmann, Jacob Eriksen, Felipe Vaz, Lugh O´Neil, Kurort Spandau, MOUTH

Photo Credits: Andy King
Departure, Arrival, Return