Divine Interventions <–> Force Majeure


Spacial Installation, exhibition view at Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien Berlin

The coin which never stops to spin


Portal to the other realm


Geometry of prediction


Meaningless chart-graphs


Abandoned Office


‘Divine Interventions <–> Force Majeure’ is an ongoing series of works exploring the economical shamanism and how the business of future forecasting evolved from esoteric and ritualistic believes into a corporate industry. The starting point of the work is the question about how fiction and social constructs determine our existence, with a focus on financial structures and future speculations.


Divine Interventions <–> Force Majeure’ offers a poetic take on surreal aspects of the value systems and pragmatism of economical relations. The space is a compilation of subjective associations.

Curated by Surya Gied and Hannah Kruse