Impossible Archive (Performance)


Impossible Archive is a multimedia performance, where the audience has a choice of what they’re going to listen to. It brings the contradictions of archiving and questions what’s considered as ‘real’ ‘truth’ or ‘certain’. The objects that appear in the film (such as ‘Evidence for Impossible Colour’, ‘Statistical Probability Taro Cards’ or ‘Snow Collection’) similarly to movie props or museum artefacts, have artificially added value, but their meaning and narratives remain a subject of speculations.










Abstract (from introduction to ‘Impossible Archive’:


‘Impossible Archive is an ongoing project, that can not ever be finished, therefore it has a fluid format and can be constantly upgraded. Over past few months I was trying to materialise impossibility with no intention of actual final outcome. In this case the attempt of succeeding would be most likely the biggest fail. I decided to make a broadcast to tell some of the stories I collected for the printed version of archive, which is a collection of short essays considering Impossibilities.

Radio is a retro-technology, tightly connected to archiving and keeping records and at the same time by nature quite manipulative. The listeners have to use their imagination to engage, they can’t reveal how actually the studio looks like or the person who talks. They have to trust what they can not see.

During this program you will have a chance to look into the reasons for collecting, the narratives of objects, speculations about the past, predictions of the future, the boundaries between truth and fiction, value of evidence, unknowns, hyperstitions and black swans.

This broadcast is a collage of personal associations and subjectively chosen examples, it doesn’t try to prove anything. You’re invited to co-curate the ‘show’ by deciding about what you’re going to listen to, but together with this choice you’ll gain awareness of alternative which you would have to neglect.

The broadcast runs on 2 channels.

On your receiver there is a switch from ch A to ch B.

From time to time you would have to choose which part you prefer to listen to.

Both channels are activated.

ok so let’s begin.

Today’s main focus is the absence. ‘